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What can I expect during my Acupuncture Treatment?

An important part of our approach to traditional Chinese medicine is to understand the patient as a whole being. Our initial intake form helps build that understanding.  Please take a moment to fill it out and bring it with you to your first visit as it will help us prepare for your treatments and get to know you and your health goals better.


▪A list of your current medications and supplements

▪Any recent x-rays, blood work, or other medical tests that are relevant to your health concerns

Your First Visit: Chinese Medicine Intake

This is an all-inclusive consultation that generally run 90-120 minutes. During this time we will do an in depth traditional diagnosis which includes taking a thorough patient history and physical exam. Once we have gathered sufficient information, we will determine a treatment plan personalized to your specific needs and discuss goals of treatment.  We will at that time outline a strategy to work towards achieving them.

This initial intake includes any food therapy recommendations, a one week supply of your personalized herbal prescription, and an initial acupuncture treatment.

  • Pre-Acupuncture Recommendations: Please arrive for your session well hydrated and having had a light meal a few hours prior. I recommend wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing so that your acupuncturist can access your arms and legs easily. Feel free to bring a change of clothes with you if you can’t arrive in them.
  • During-Treatment: Once you’re here, you can relax with a cup of tea while you and your acupuncturist discuss your chief health concern, as well as diet, sleep, stress and other lifestyle aspects that are affecting your health. The treatment itself will consist of ultra- thin, sterile, disposable needles inserted gently by your acupuncturist into specific areas of the body. Once these are set, you can lay back and relax – many of our patients like to call it “taking a needle nap”- while the treatment helps stimulate the body's innate ability to heal. Needles will at times be inserted and removed immediately and in some instances they may be retained for 15-30 minutes.
  • Post-Acupuncture Recommendations: I recommend resting as much as possible, drinking plenty of water, and refraining from vigorous exercise or alcohol consumption following your treatment. Your body needs time and energy to heal, so this is the best way for acupuncture to have maximum effect.

Returning Patients: Acupuncture w/ Herbs

After your initial consultation subsequent visits will run 45-60 minutes. Generally, followup treatments consists of 10-15 minutes of discussion and follow up diagnosis followed by the treatment during which you will be left to relax for approximately 30 minutes while the needles do their job! Along with your treatment, a one week supply of your personalized herbal prescription is included in cost of treatment.