Growing Region

When a tree isthe roots that die first.

when a person is the feet that age first.

– Ancient Chinese proverb

Tibetan Herbal Foot Soak Therapy

We are working together with an amazing team of doctors and farmers who have cultivated the highest quality medicinal herbs for traditional Tibetan foot soaks. These are pharmaceutical grade, third party tested and potent for treating many chronic stubborn conditions including but not limited to pain throughout the body, peripheral neuropathy, and more...

Who Can Benefit

Tibetan Herbal Foot Soaks are excellent for people who experience (or are dealing with) stress, tension, high blood pressure, insomnia and fatigue.


Because these soaks promote and stabilize circulation, they are also great for enhancing metabolism, increasing immune system function, relieving both systemic chronic pain & localized acute pain, and digestive issues.


Under the supervision of our team of practitioners, Tibetan herbal foot soaks have shown to be quite effective for those dealing with internal health conditions, even shortening treatment times for those who area dealing with stubborn chronic conditions.

Tibetan Foot Soak Herbal Therapy
Growing Region of Tibet
Tibetan Foot Soak Room at Five Shen Wellness
Tibetan Foot Soak Room at Five Shen Wellness

What the Tibetan Soaks are NOT...

While the soaks are quite relaxing and enjoyable and have many health benefits, they are not a Spa treatment (even though it may feel like it). They are not in any way related to the ionic foot detoxes that are being marketed as 'the next great thing' and they are not simply essential oils in a tub of water.

What the Tibetan Soaks ARE...

The soaks are made from pharmaceutical grade herbs grown in a remote area of Tibet. The herbs are special to the region as they grow naturally there at altitudes that are still untouched and unaccessible by most of the world. Supply and access is limited and we feel blessed to have sourced these herbs that are so rare and pure for our patients at Five Shen Wellness ~ Center for Traditional Healing Arts.

What to Expect

The Intention: The herbs are prepared in a soak by our Herbalists who have studied extensively the Chinese Pharmacopeia. The formula used can be modified and tailored to treat various conditions that may be unique to the individual. The intention is to open the channels, increase circulation and allow the body to absorb the herbs as a form of treatment or therapy. It is a therapy that has been used in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years with great benefit.

Temp: 100-113 F degrees. 48-43 C. Keep adding hot water. We take care of this for you in our office. At home, you will want to use a thermometer and add hot water every 10 minutes or so. Use best water available. However you can use tap water if that all you have access to.

Water basin – Use one that covers the ankles. Wooden buckets are excellent. Avoid bronze or iron because it reacts chemically with herbs. We want to keep the herbs in their most natural form.

Time – 20-30 mins for general health. Chronic pain, hypertension, hormonal imbalances: up to 45 mins.

Comfortable chair. No tv, cell phone. Breathe deeply and relax. This is a good time for meditation.

Sensation: The sensation of the Tibetan Herbal Foot Soaks occurs in stages for most patients. You will feel heat to feet, up to shin at first. Over a couple of weeks you may feel warmth between kidneys, a pulsing feeling, eventually spreading throughout entire body as it impacts circulation.

Not Appropriate For

  1. Avoid using this foot soak herbal formula if you are pregnant, have metastatic cancer or other situations that you should not move blood.
  2. Avoid foot soaks if you have any open wounds, bleeding disorder, infection, or burns.
  3. Avoid if you are hungry or within 30 minutes of a meal. (snacks before are okay)
  4. Avoid if you are prone to low blood sugar crashes
  5. Any condition which is worse with circulation
  6. Be cautious when you have a cold or allergies.
  7. Be cautious on children. Please consult with a qualified practitioner for children.
  8. Avoid doing foot soaks under draft or outside.

Documented Results/Research

Result: blood pressure drops ½ hour after soaks, relaxation, release of stress and toxins.  (If you have high blood pressure and you soak for 45 mins, you may see an increase in blood pressure)

Benefits the treatment of: Diabetic neuropathy 97.5% effective rate (research shows), reduces high blood pressure, improves immune system, clears skin conditions (acne, rosacea), improved digestion, relieves pain, tension, stress, insomnia (76% research), eases foot pain, improves microcirculation, enhances metabolism, relieves fatigue, increases immune system function, affects entire endocrine system