REIKI is a Japanese technique which can be used for stress reduction, relaxation, personal healing and growth. At Five Shen Wellness ~ Center for Traditional Healing Arts this practice holds a special place in our hearts as Reiki is the practice which introduced us to energetic medicine. While our own knowledge, studies, and practices have moved well beyond the scope of what is typically taught in your average Reiki classes, we still value the work as an introduction to what is possible through energy medicine, especially for self care and development.

We are dedicated to honoring the Traditions of the Ancient Healing Arts and our approach to Reiki is no different. While it is our intention to stick to the core teachings and principles of Traditional Usui Reiki, we also recognize that there is a lot that is taught today that are additives that have been injected into the teachings for a variety of reasons. It is our intention to let a lot of the additives fall away and get back to the basics.

Energy Medicine (practices) have been used around the world in many different cultures for thousands of years. One lesson taught within all of these practices is the idea of a ‘universal energy’. Reiki is no different; after a period of stillness, reflection and self-cultivation, Makao Usui discovered his own path of access to this energy which became what is today known as Usui Reiki. Years later the art is being taught and practiced all over the world in many forms.

At Five Shen Wellness we have developed a program which we believe honors the original intention of the practice while focusing on personal development as an important first step in learning and developing the ability to help others. If you have ever been curious about the practice, wanted to learn, or have been searching for a community of practitioners that want to work cooperatively to enhance our own practices then please give us call and plan to check out one of our events or teachings. It is always our intention to bring INTEGRITY to the practices and offer something unique to Greenville SC and the Upstate. Come see how our approach is different!

Upcoming Events

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