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“It is always amazing to see live change through the introduction of these simple yet powerful tools.” ~ James

James Berry L.Ac.

Acupuncturist (ACUP #248) / Herbalist / Reiki Teacher / Mindfulness Facilitator

With a lifelong interest in martial arts and Eastern philosophy, James found his way to Chinese Medicine after being introduced to Qigong. Through the development of his own Qigong practice his studies led him naturally into Chinese Medicine.

Background includes Reiki, TaiChi, Qigong, and a deep love and appreciation for the depths and beauty of the classical roots of Chinese Medicine. Passionate about his work and restoring a patients hope and health.

Acupuncturist Greenville SC

Devynne Berry L.Ac.

Acupuncturist (ACUP #290) / Herbalist / Reiki Teacher / Mindfulness Facilitator 

Devynne is a second generation Chinese Medicine practitioner with a passion for Eastern philosophy. She has been a lifelong student of the martial arts and was raised in a family dedicated to energetic medicine. At a young age, Devynne’s interests quickly expanded to the practices of TaiChi, Qigong, and Reiki and eventually naturally to Classical Chinese Medicine.

She is  a highly skilled, classically trained Five Element practitioner, and it is her desire to help those fortunate enough to work with her regain their health and find their path to living the life they imagine.


Ricky 'Rain Song' Huffman ~ Click Here to Book a Reiki Session

Reiki Master / Teacher ~ 10 years

Meditation Therapy / Energy Work / Crystal Therapy

Born into Native American Medicine, Rain Song, has been a teacher and student to and for many throughout his life’s journey. As a Combat War Veteran he has seen the darker side of this world; He knows pain, sickness, and loss but above all that he knows the Grace and Beauty of this world as well. His focus is bringing peace to the world one person at a time by calling upon his life work to help him with true healing. Peace Minister and Spiritual Healer for the Universal Life Church and owner and founder of Rain Songs Co-Operative Healing and Meditative Arts.

Lynda Henn

Lynda Henn ~ Click Here to Book a Session with Lynda ~ coming soon!

Lynda has been doing energy healing work for nearly 20 years receiving most of her training and attunements in various healing modalities from Reiki to Magnified Healing, she has discovered her own abilities along the way. Having blended those energies with the Spirit of Ireland a different kind of energy medicine developed.

Energy work is, in it's nature, a very intimate form of healing. There must be a personal connection between the energy worker and the client. For me, the process of entering into a person's Universe is no small thing. It is a privilege and a joy! To be able to assist in another's life is such a gift. I do not attempt to understand just how it works, it just does!

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