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Through our COMMUNITY WELLNESS PROGRAM at Five Shen Wellness ~ Center for Traditional Healing Arts we are able to make our services both AFFORDABLE and ACCESSIBLE to those who may not typically have access to alternative healthcare.  This program is set up to be BOTH cost effective and convenient making Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs available for every budget!

Consultations are FREE and regular visits (Short Acupuncture Treatments) are only $35 w/membership!  The clinic is open 5 days a week; appointments are Required.  NO CONTRACTS! Cancel membership anytime!

Our mission is to help you live a HEALTHIER, more VIBRANT life and keep you feeling like your best self. More relaxed and less stressed!  Patients report improved energy levels and a better night’s rest with our simple, yet profound approach to this beautiful medicine!

To find out more about the Community Wellness program at Five Shen Wellness ~ Center for Traditional Healing Arts, give us a call at 864.619.1398 and schedule a FREE Consultation today. We are a family owned and operated practice with a team of professional, licensed, and COMPASSIONATE practitioners with innate abilities to connect to their patients, hear them, and meet them where their needs are. Come in and speak with us, Lets see how we can help!

Five Shen Wellness ~ Center for Traditional Healing Arts

Aside from our COMMUNITY WELLNESS PROGRAM, we also offer private one on one sessions with one of our licensed acupuncturists specializing in Classical Five Element Acupuncture, Customized Traditional Chinese Herbal Remedies, Foot Soak Therapies, Therapeutic Massage, Cupping, Tuina, Guasha, Moxibustion, Food Therapy, Group Classes/Teachings and much more!

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Spread the word! Do you know someone who may benefit from our services or our Wellness Program? Share the love and be a part of our growing community. Have a great treatment? Check In. Tweet. Post. Share. Connect with us on social media!  Bring a friend, email your neighbor, or simply tell someone in line at the coffeeshop.




(864) 619-1398

Office Location:

4200 East North St. Suite #2

(corner of E North and Mitchell Rd.)

Greenville, SC 29615

Community Clinic Hours:

Monday  9am - 6pm

Tuesday  9am - 6pm

Wednesday  9am - 6pm

Thursday  9am - 6pm

Fridays  9am - 3pm

Appointments Required