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There is little difference between healing the body and healing the spirit.  One might say that the aware person does both.  The concept of spirit is metaphysical while the concept of the body healing itself has been relegated to the physical realm.  And yet, both function at the unseen level.

~ Bill Mitchell, ND


A Holistic Medicine

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can be difficult to explain and each practitioner of this traditional medicine is likely to explain it differently. Without going into great detail, one important fundamental principle is that Chinese medicine is a holistic medicine. That is to say that it looks at the body as a "whole" and not as isolated symptoms. As practitioners of this medicine, we take the time to gather information by listening to your concerns and developing a complete picture of your current state of health. This enables us to sort through the branches or symptoms of your disharmony and actually recognize and treat the root or the cause of the imbalance.  Five Element Acupuncture is a unique system, especially effective at restoring the bodies natural balance, and Five Shen Wellness is the home to the only Five Element practitioners in the Upstate!

Creating the Environment to Nurture Health

As we begin to notice the signs of our bodies natural abilities becoming exhausted or blocked, we may notice that difficulties arise, we begin to heal slower, or we develop chronic illnesses. Often times we take for granted the bodies innate ability to keep us alive day after day despite cuts, infections, broken bones, rogue cancer cells, upsets, confusions, toxins or more. The strongest healing power is already within and the Five Element model recognizes us as a more complicated “whole” being. Diseases or discomforts often present as patterns of illness, often traced back to one or more root sources. By looking at the entire picture, we are able to treat in a way that aims to support and nourish at the root cause. Treating the root of the imbalance restores the bodies innate sense to facilitate health and become well again.


Restoring Health Naturally

The core understanding of Five Element Acupuncture is that each of us has an underlying brilliance. If we are unable to contact that brilliance and bring it into the world, we become ill. More simply stated is the idea that symptoms are often indications that our bodies are not functioning optimally and evidence of an imbalance at a deeper level. The block may be in the physical body, the mind or mental level or the spirit. There are ways to treat each of these levels with acupuncture and/or herbs. The goal of Five Element Acupuncture is to address the imbalance and create the environment which allows the body to find its way back to optimal health, your best self, your natural potential, rhythm, and your best sense of wellbeing.

Living a HEALTHIER & more VIBRANT life!

This holistic method of treatment has the added benefit of many unexpected “side effects” such as increased energy, reduced stress, improved sleep and mood.  So when you find yourselves "out of sorts" or "out of rhythm" in your day to day life, acupuncture and herbal remedies can be a tool there to assist, to guide, to restore the bodies natural functions in order for us to become our best versions of ourselves in health.

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