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Frequently Asked Questions about Acupuncture

HOW DOES ACUPUNCTURE WORK?  The most basic principle of how acupuncture works is that the insertion of needles into specific points stimulates the body's innate ability to heal itself.  The acupuncture points follow routes on the body that relate to the muscles, nervous system, and internal organs.  These points are based on an over 2,000 year-old Chinese understanding of how to treat disease and neuromuscular conditions.


WHAT IF I'M AFRAID OF NEEDLES?  Have no fear, fire cups (and moxa, and herbs, and etc. etc. etc.) are here!  One of the wonderful things about acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine is that it uses a wide variety of modalities to help bring about health and healing.  While needling is the most well-known traditional Chinese medicine modality, your acupuncturist has a lot of tools besides needles in their toolbox and can work with you to find the right form of therapy to address your needs.  Read more here...


WHAT CAN ACUPUNCTURE HELP?  Most people think of pain management when they hear the word acupuncture.  But acupuncture and all traditional Chinese medicine modalities (such as cupping, herbal medicine, etc.) can help with a variety of symptoms and diseases.  Visit FSW if your digestion is out of whack, if you've been having trouble getting a good night's restor even if your seasonal allergies start to flare up.  Click here for a list of what acupuncture can treat...


DOES IT HURT?  No, in fact many patients fall into such a deep state of relaxation that they will often fall asleep on the massage table.  The sterile disposable needles (or "pins" as some of my needle-phobic patients like to call them) are as thin as a dog's whisker and generally feel like a tiny mosquito bite upon inserted.  Once in place, you can feel a variety of sensations such as tingling, heaviness, or warmth.  If at any time you experience discomfort, do not hesitate to tell your acupuncturist, and they will adjust or remove the needle.


HOW SHOULD I PREPARE FOR MY FIRST TREATMENT?  We recommend that you arrive wearing loose, comfortable clothing so that your acupuncturist can access your arms past your elbows, and your legs below the knees.  It is also recommended to eat at least a little something if your appointment is first thing in the morning.  Please bring a list of your current medications, supplements, and any recent x-rays, blood work, or other medical tests that are relevant to your health concerns.


HOW OFTEN DO I NEED TO BE TREATED?  Since every health concern is as different as every person, and because every person responds at different rates, there is no cookie-cutter answer.  Typically, more acute conditions respond faster than chronic ones.  We will come up with an individualized treatment plan together that will be used as a road map for your path towards health.


DO YOU BILL INSURANCE? DO YOU ACCEPT HSA CARDS? Patients file directly with their insurance companies.  We can provide an itemized receipt for your visit and the necessary filing form with your diagnostic codes and our treatment code(SuperBill). Depending on your insurance, some companies cover both the acupuncture treatment and supplements.  We advise patients to check with their insurance company.

We DO accept HSA’s (Health Savings Account) at Five Shen Wellness. Many patients use Health Savings Accounts (HSA) cards or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)to pay for their treatments.