First Visit ~ Community Clinic

You might have some hesitancy around the idea of acupuncture and feel unsure of what to expect during your visit.

Below we will describe the process for your initial session and we will answer some of our most frequently asked questions.


Does it hurt?

Generally, acupuncture is not painful, but may produce some kind of sensation at the site of needling.

Worried about needles?

Acupuncture needles are extremely thin, smaller than a single piece of hair.

Where do you needle?

Typically treatments are performed on sites located on the arms and legs from elbows to fingers and from knees to toes. We rarely needle at the site of pain.

What about clothing?

Community Sessions treat only areas on the body that do not require the removal of any clothing, yet accesses full body health.


Community Acupuncture Greenville SC

Do I need an appointment?

Appointments are Required. Give us a call today 864.619.1398 and we will save you a seat!!

Insurance required?

Our membership plans keep sessions extremely affordable. As a result, we do not accept or require insurance.

How long are treatment sessions?

New visits typically last between 30 – 45 minutes. Return visits are typically 30 minutes.

Who will be treating me?

All treatments are performed by nationally certified and state licensed acupuncturists.

What to expect during your 1st visit...

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community acupuncture in Greenville

Step#1 - Our Patient History information is quite extensive and thorough. You may choose to complete this paperwork prior to your arrival or be prepared to spend a 15-20 minutes in office completing the necessary forms prior to your acupuncture session.

Step#2 - Once at the clinic, we will confirm your personal contact information, check you in for your session, and verify that all of your paperwork is complete. Once everything is in order your treatment can begin.

Step#3 - As a spot becomes available you will be escorted to the treatment area where a licensed acupuncturist will discuss your goals, do a brief assessment and provide treatment to begin your session.

Step#4 - After your initial session is complete, the acupuncturist will lead you to a more private space where they will take the time to do some follow up and answer any further questions that you may have. This is also the time when we will make recommendations and discuss plans for future treatments.

Step#5 - Once finished and all of your questions have been answered, you will be led back to the front desk where we will collect payment and get you signed up for your next visit.