Best Acupuncture in Greenville SC

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Looking for Acupuncture in Greenville SC?

Look no further than FIVE SHEN WELLNESS & THE CENTER FOR TRADITIONAL HEALING ARTS for acupuncture in Greenville and Upstate SC. We offer the BEST in acupuncture services from a team of classically trained practitioners, certified, licensed, and leaders in the field. Combined with Traditional Chinese Herbs, Tibetan Herbal Foot Soak Therapies, and much more, our experts use an integrative approach to restoring balance, health, and wellness in a NATURAL & HOLISTIC way. See what people are saying about their results here...


Aside from being the premiere location for Acupuncture in Greenville SC we also offer a community acupuncture space, cupping, guasha, tuina (Chinese massage), dietary therapies, and group classes teaching a variety of topics to provide the tools you need to help integrate the results into a new HEALTHY and BALANCED lifestyle.

Acupuncture in Greenville SC